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Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 2012

1. Birthday in Hamburg
Picture, placed at the bar of the Shoshin dojo, a buddhist saying "if you can practice even when distracted, you are well trained", Yamashima sensei in the background on the mat, as usual, still energetically sharing his experience, talking with the interested aikido students and, lying on the ground nearby to sensei, receiving a welcome shiatsu after an intensive 90 minutes ikkyo practice, Dirk Müller. A bottel of Dutch "Bols" spirit stands next to the buddhist text on one side and on the other side, a majestic bright smiling buddha. It is little compositions like this that make aikido trips so fascinating. This trip was especially memorable for me as it was the weekend of my birthday. We had very nice practices with Yamashima sensei all day Saturday and Sunday morning at the Hamburg police dojo and on Monday morning at Dirk Müller's Shohin dojo (
On Sunday March the 4th, I was treated to a birthday surprise at the end of the lesson as Yamashima sensei got up and threw me first 10 times. Then Müller san asked all the participants to get up and throw me. I guess I was thrown around 50 times (I am not that old however and glad to say that my condition is still ok!).
I treated the group of friendly aikido people to the special Dutch Bols spiritual drink which seemed to provide a nice warm feeling in everybody's bellys and we proceeded to the restaurant after practice where we filled our warmed bellies with delicious Asiatic food.

With Dirk Müller sensei, 5th dan Aikikai
My heartfelt thanks to Dirk san (5th dan aikido sensei of the Shoshin dojo in Hamburg) for allowing me to practice at the seminar and to Yamashima sensei for the great practices. I will have nice memories of this friendly warm group for a long time. Domo arigatou gosaimashita!

2. In Memory of Peter Bacas Sensei
Peter Bacas Sensei passed away on the island of Ameland on the night of the 27th/28th of February 2006 on the island of Ameland. This year, like the previous years, his passing away was commemorated by way of a special practice in Ameland and a visit to his grave.

Peter Bacas Sensei (R.I.P. 28/2/2006)

3. After Ameland
Each year, the CABN lent school in Ameland takes place at the end of February, there is always an enthusiastic feeling amongst the participants as they practice a lot and enjoy many social activities during the long weekend. On driving back home, we meet on the boat and there is a good vibe around as people order sausage rolls, beer and erwten (pea) soup from the boat bar. The people want to practice more aikido and the buzz of the dojo fills the air with the motivation to improve our practice. Again, we were privellage to receive excellent lessons with Yamashima sensei, 7th dan Aikikai. This year's Ameland event had an exceptionally international feel to it as some students came from other countries to join (Peter from Sweden, Rachid from France, Tony from England, Mio/Japanese from Spain). The party on Saturday evening was great and Yamashima snesei produced a wonderful Japanese curry.
As with every lent school after 2006, it has now become a tradition to remember Peter Bacas sensei during that weekend. A memorial lesson was lead by Ernesto Ladavas sensei, 6th dan Aikikai.
We also took the opportunity to congratulate two new yudansha graduates: Dominika Beila (shodan) and Clifton Tjen Fat (san dan).
This year's visit from Yamashima Sensei included two extra visits to Belgium and Italy (received by Peter Reynders and Alessandro Costa respectively).

Yamashima Sensei teaching in Antwerp, Belgium

If you didn't make it to Ameland, here is a little bit, in pictures and movie, of what you missed:

4. The Yamashima Sensei World Tour 2012
2012 has already started out very busy for Yamashima sensei. He'll have been to Europe and back to Tokyo already three times after returning from Hamburg and it's only just the beginning of March. Sensei has provided a tentative schedule of all his trips this year. Here-below is the concept of the trips of Yamashima sensei until December this year:

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