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Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 2012

Aiki Move & Stretch!

November has really been Aiki Move & Stretch month as this new concept for Aikido practice is introduced in The Netherlands. Aiki Move & Stretch is an informal Aikido practice although we ensure there is the normal level of etiquette and safety expected from the normal Aikido practice.
In Aiki Move & Stretch., we explore authentic exercises and try to rediscover our Aikido from our inner-selves. As such, the approach is a little unorthodox and is in no way to be considered a replacement for mainstream Aikido practice. It can, however, be a marvellous and refreshing complement to one's regular Aikido practice.
Why not come along and see for yourself some time soon. Classes are given every Thursday evening (18:30 - 19:45) at the Hagukumi dojo, Mient. 277, The Hague.
Some Aikido Friends trying out Aiki-Move & Stretch for the first time.
We also have an Aiki Move & Stretch Facebook page (already surpassing 100 likes!!) :-).
You can find the page on this link:
Further details of the Aiki Move & Stretch concept are given here: