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Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 2014

1. Editorial; New Season, Open Classes and Aikido Introduction Workshops in and Around The Hague
In the month of September, there are usually a lot of chances to meet Aikido for the first time in your life. In my local community, a number events have taken place in the past week.

2. Grote Pyr Aikido

Aikido Beginners at The Grote Pyr.
The season started on Monday 1st of September at the Grote Pyr Aikido club. A new Aikido venue, every Monday from 19:00 - 20:30. It is a good time to go if you're starting Aikido as the basics are given step-by-step, in an easy to learn manner. The public of The Hague is welcome to try the first lesson free of charge at The Grote Pyr. Website:

3. Hagukumi Aikido
Yujo Seminar @ Hagukumi Dojo
On the weekend of the 13th and 14th of September, the Hagukumi dojo in The Hague held their "Yujo" friendship weekend seminar and open day, welcoming the public to come and try out Aikido and, at the same time, welcoming the Aikido community to come and celebrate the end of the summer and start of a new season. Dojo cho, Paul Jungschlager, 4th dan Aikikai, ran the show, which included inviting a prominent Japanese teacher, Yamada (not the Yamada shihan of New York) but a less well know but equally interesting shihan from Narita, Japan. Local Aikido teachers also gave their time to share their Aikido on this packed training weekend at the Hagukumi dojo. As well as Aikido, also on the programme during the Yujo seminar were the arts of Kendo, Kempo, Chi Gong and Foot reflex healing. Aikido lessons in the Hagukumi dojo have the following programme:

4. Aikido Workshop on The Beach
Aikido on The Beach @ Licht Puntjes Festival
Also on the evening of Saturday the 13th of September, another festival took place in the beach cafe FAST at the beach of Scheveninge, The Hague. The organising group is called "Lichte Puntjes" and, as well as providing an Aikido introduction workshop on the beach, they had guest healers and artists performing poetry and music. The aim of the workshop was to encourage radiance in people. The Aikido evening workshop taking place at 19:45, as the sun set, was warmly received and well attended by about 20 festival participants. Website:

5. Leiden LCSA Aikido
LCSA Leiden Aikido.
On the evening of Sunday the 14th of September, the Leiden dojo, LCSA (Leidse Culturele Stichting Aikido) opened their doors to the public for a new season open class. This was a great way to kick-start the season as the attendees were all lookin motivated and recharged after their summer break. Website:

6. EAAC Aikido
Monday 15th of September sees the open class of the EPO Aikikai Aikido Club (EAAC). A short open class will take place at lunch time (12:15 - 13:00), allowing the European Patent staff members to meet Aikido for the first time. Website:
Demonstration practice at the EAAC: