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Sunday, February 28, 2010

News for March 2010

1. Memorial of Peter Bacas Sensei (1937 - 2006).

Peter Bacas Sensei passed away on the 27th of February 2006
on the island of Ameland after giving an Aikido lesson.

Peter is remembered every year by means of a visit to his grave in the
Okenburg cemetary of The Hague, where flowers are laid and a glass of
sake is raised to his spirit.

Peter Bacas did a lot to make Aikido popular in The Netherlands and Europe
and is remembered for his humour, his kindness, doing Aikido from his heart
and teaching Aikido with a dynamic flare.

On the morning of Saturday the 27th of February, a class was given in the city of
Delft, Holland, under the guidance of Ze'ev Erlich sensei, 4th dan Aikikai, who
dedicated his class to Bacas sensei and to the recovery of Masatake Fujita Shihan.
Although Ze'ev sensei never had the opportunity to meet Bacas sensei, the training
was conducted very much in Bacas sensei's spirit thanks to the connection to Fujita Shihan.
Thank you Ze'ev for this wonderful class.

2. Global Aikido Events Coming Up in March

New Zealand:
The 40th anniversary of gasshuku in Aukland, New Zealand with
special guests, Waka Sensei (Mitsuteru Ueshiba) and Masuda Shihan (8th dan Aikikai).
Taking place on the weekend 5 - 7 March.
For more information, click the following link:

Hombu Instruction Tour 2010 including yudansha test activities will take place on 19th to 24thof March, 2010 in Jakarta with Hombu instructors Yoshinobu Irie Shihan (6th Dan) and Yuji OyamaShidoin (4th Dan).

3. Ameland 2010

For some photo impressions of the recent Ameland event with Takeshi Yamashima Sensei,
click on the following links.

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