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Friday, May 1, 2009

May 2009

News Items for May 2009

This is the first concise monthly news report for the IPAAN (International Aikikai Aikido Network), the international section of the
Dutch Aikido group, the CABN (Culturele Aikido Bond Nederland).

Since last month, it has been decided that 4 quaterly issues of "Our Aikido World" shall be published in the year, in addition to the monthly news reports. The quaterly publications (with archiving) shall continue to placed on the following link:

1. Report from April Aikido Events
Two important birthdays (Doshu, 2nd of April and Fujita Shihan, 21st of April) took place last month.

In addition, the yearly memorial of the passing away of O-Sensei (26th of April took place).
These events are marked with special training sessions and cards of best wishes to the relevant parties in Japan.

Oomote Priests Ceremony

Doshu demonstrating every year at the Aiki-Jinja

The Aiki-jinja is the shrine which was dedicated to the Aikido deities and was the location where O-Sensei lived from 1942. Every year, in Iwama, on the 29th of April (the beginning of the golden week), the Aiki-jinja marks the remembrance of O-Sensei life and creation of Aikido. Hundreds of Aikidoka come from all over the world to honour this event, making busy what is normally a peaceful town in Ibaraki prefecture.

Delegation from Holland visiting the Aiki-Jinja in May 2008

2. Teacher training Courses Developing on National Levels
Official recognition of Aikido teachers can happen on two different planes.
On one plane, the hombu dojo provides recognition to international organisations who have fulfilled the necessary critieria for recognition. In such a case, the relevant yudanshas and teachers are listed for the hombu dojo's knowledge.

On another plane, in each nation, national recognition from the government is necessary for insurance and other official purposes. Not every country's government recognises Aikido as an official martial art and, therefore, many organisations are working hard to change the political landscape in their country in order to achieve it.

At the same time, both Holland and Israel are working towards nationally recognised organisations by providing official teacher training courses. These courses are being supervised by high-ranking national instructors and give a full program of learning modules. Up and coming instructors will learn about the theory of didactics, to organise events, to assist the chief instructors, to make lesson plans and much more.

3. Ladavas Sensei in Siberia
For the third time in two years, Ladavas Sensei went again to Siberia last April in order to conduct an intensive series of seminars. Since the beginning of this year, Ladavas Sensei has been given permission for the Hombu dojo to conduct examinations to yudansha.

Participants of a class of Ladavas Sensei

Successful Yudansha Exam Candidates

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